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Welcome To Levant Village

"Levant Village Restaurant" is a chain of restaurants specialized in Lebenese, Turkish and Greek cuisine located in Bin Shabib Mall both in Al Qusais and Al Barsha south 3 in addition of 2020 Building in Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai with a vision to expand all over the UAE. The restaurant offers a variety of traditional dishes and beverages, including Lebenese Kebab hoot and cold Mezza, Manakish and Fatayer. Levant Village Restaurant also serves fresh Greek seafood and Turkish traditional dishes such as Testi Kebab, as well as desserts n amely Baklava and Kunefe. The restaurant has a casual but elegant atmosphere, where guests can relax and enjoy authentic Mediterranean cuisine Levant Village Restaurant also provides catering services for private and corporate events.

Our Features

We Provide You The Best Service

Fresh Ingredients

We take pride in using fresh and high-quality ingredients to prepare our dishes. We import them from all over the world, ensuring that you get the most refined flavours in every bite.

Customer Service

At Levant Village, we strive to make sure that each and every guest has an enjoyable experience. Our waiters are highly trained to ensure that they provide the best customer service and hospitality.

Expert Chefs

Our chefs are highly trained and experienced in Levantine cuisine, having mastered traditional recipes and techniques from the region. our chefs have mastered the art of Levantine cuisine and specialize in making every dish a truly unique experience